The Mentoring Program

Learn from Richard Aceves, known for his experience in assessing movement imbalances and emotional mapping theory. In this program, you will have an opportunity to learn his system at your own pace and meet with him and a group of like-minded coaches from all over the world in a bi-weekly basis. You will be able to ask questions, share and compare experiences.

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The material is dripped bi-weekly, for you to enjoy at your own pace.

    1. Training - Physical, Mental, Emotional

    2. Stimulus - Exercise is the Byproduct

    3. Objective - The Vision

    4. Stimulus training

    1. Tension Over Position

    2. Torque Chains

    3. Oblique Opener (physical Swami) - testing the Internal Torque Chain

    4. Internal Torque

    5. External Torque

    6. Swami

    7. Test Upper Body - Overhead press/position

    1. What is the polyvagal theory and its function in the body

    2. Phylogenetic Hierarchy and the Polyvagal Theory

    3. Workout Guidelines for the Nervous System

    4. Phylogenetic Workout

    1. Balanced Program

    2. How We Build Strength

    3. Skill to Intensity Ratio

    4. Exercise Breakdown

    1. Mobility and Breath

    2. Moving Through Your Range

    3. Importance of a Grunt

    4. Fight Workout!

    5. Maximal Sympathetic Arousal

    6. States, the Heart, and Breath

    1. Iliopsoas Muscle Group

    2. Transverse Abdominis

    3. Rectus Abdominis

    4. Obliques - Internal and External

    5. Lumbar and Thoracic Erectors

    6. Psoas Raises into running/Walking

    7. Barracuda Smash

    8. Copy of Time Under Pressure

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  • $150.00 / month
  • 2 Calls per Month
  • Educational Material
  • Community to share ideas

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