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Our network is a place of learning, growth and inspiration where  we strive to help each other become the best coaches in the field.  

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Get your Whole team Involved and learn as a unit. 


If you have 5 or more coaches in your team, this is for you!


Everything in The Mentoring, plus:


✓ One-on-one call every two weeks  (1 CRDT per month)

The Enterprise

Get Your Coaches Involved

$1000 a month



✓ Access to MOVED Method courses:

✓ Sandbag

✓ Dumbell

✓ Powerlifting

✓ and more to come!


✓ MI System Template

✓ Moved Communities: 24/7 chat with community         members

The Method

Get a taste of MOVED

or $300/yr


 Everything in The Method, plus:



✓ Group Mentoring calls, every two weeks (1 CRDT per month)

✓ Access to MOVED Method Online Courses (3 CRDT per course)

The Mentoring

Join the group

or $2,250/yr

Earn Credits Towards Becoming a Certified MOVED Coach

Learning Memberships

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace

*Courses available for one-off purchase

Coaching Fundamentals

Practical Assessments 


Jennifer Clark

Moved Academy has been a great asset for me as a CrossFit Coach and personal trainer. It provides me with the resources to help my clients recover from pain and stay healthy.

Richard is knowledgeable and provides a different approach than other courses I have taken.

Connor Hill

Moved Academy has been a great resource for me as a personal trainer. I've learned much about the science behind movement and how to help my clients achieve their goals. The lessons are easy to understand and apply, and it's been beneficial in creating successful client programs.

Howard Thomas

I recently took a course at Moved Academy, and it completely changed my understanding of how the body moves. It gave me the skills to help my

course for any physiotherapist looking to expand their knowledge.

Benjamin Deitcher

I've been working with Richard for a few years now. Beside the fact that he's awesome, professional, and has a unique and genuine way to connect to people.

He has now put all his knowledge into an online course, and it is by far the most useful and practical course I've taken in order to understand movement and help my clients reduce their pain! Highly recommended.

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